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101 is coming to Dorset (Non Emergency Police Telephone Number)

The introduction of 101 will offer the public one easy to remember number to contact local police in the area they live, work or holiday in. There will be a single flat rate charge per call of 15 pence no matter how long the call is, or what time of the day the call is made. This charge is applicable from both landlines and mobiles.

The public can call 101 if they simply want to talk to their local police officer, or for example:
? If their car has been stolen;
? If their property has been damaged;
? Where they suspect drug use or dealing;
? If they want to give the police information about crime or disorder in their area.

101 will replace the 01202/01305 222 222 number which is currently used by the public for non-emergency calls in Dorset. The 222 222 number will initially remain alongside the 101 number as a means for the public to report non-emergency matters - but members of the public are encouraged to only use the 101 number from Monday, 19 September.
101 is in the process of being rolled out nationally so that the public will be able to dial 101 in any area of the country to contact the police for non-emergencies. The 101 non-emergency number is already live in some Forces, including the Metropolitan Police.
Whilst this new number can potentially reduce pressure on the 999 system allowing the police to prioritise the most urgent calls for help, as always, members of the public should remember to dial 999 in an emergency - if a crime is taking place or life is at risk.