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Vegetation overhanging the Public Highway

Vegetation from your property may only overhang the highway a small amount nonetheless, it is still restricting the public right to full access over the highway.
Please ensure the entire width of the highway is clear for the free passage of pedstrians or vehicles, as appropriate, and that no street light or road sign is obsured.
A minimum headroom of 2.1m above pedestrian areas and 5.2m above the carriageway and the area immediately adjacent for a distance of 0.45m is required. In addition please ensure that all vegetation is cut back vertically.
Unfortunately, where it is not possible to gain voluntary co-operation a formal notice will be served on you. This will give you fourteeen days in which to cut back the vegetation. If the work is still not done, the Authority may arrange to carry out the work and recover the cost of doing so from you.
Any queries or advice on trees covered by Tree Preservation Orders please contact the Distict councils Tree Officer on 01202 886201